Gemma Iaquinta is a New York based Makeup Artist, Illustrator, and Print Maker. She visually communicates through many art forms using expressive lines and vivid colors. Gemma has a degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in graphic design and specializes in silk screen printing and makeup art. Gemma has been involved in art exhibitions, curating, live print making and more.

Her passion for makeup grew as a teenager, where she used makeup as a form of self-expression. Professionally she started her makeup career in the beauty industry in 2006 with MAC Cosmetics. Since then, Gemma has been proud to be a part of makeup teams for Jay-Z's music video "Smile", commercials, television shows, short films, and fashion photo shoots. In addition to that, she also has experience with bridal makeup, hair styling, and light special effects. 

For more art you can visit Gemma’s social media at @gemmalisa on instagram. For recent editorial work, click here.